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Monday, February 7, 2011

Easy Heart "Stained Glass" Windows

Looking for a quick and pretty decoration/craft for Valentine's Day?  Try these heart "stained glass" windows.  They are fairly easy for the kids to accomplish on their own.  My students completed them at a math center this past week.  Math center, you say?  Why yes.  I introduced symmetry with this little project.

This is what our windows look like now:

These hearts are very pretty.  They really help to warm up the room, especially with all the cold, white snow outside the windows.

So here's how they're made:

1. Make a pattern.  I cut 12x18 yellow construction paper in half lengthwise to start the pattern.  Then, I folded the strip in half lengthwise and drew three 1/2 hearts on the fold.  I cut the hearts out while the paper was still folded to get this:

2.  To prepare for the kids, I cut 12x18 black construction paper in the same fashion as the pattern, making the pieces 6x18.  I also cut different colors of tissue paper large enough to cover each heart.

3. Now the kids get to do some symmetry magic.  They need to fold the black paper in half lengthwise.  Some kids do this really well.  Others really struggle with it.  I did show the kids how to help each other with this: one person holds the corners together and the other one flattens the fold.  This really helps.

4. Then, the kids put the pattern over top of the black paper, lining up fold to fold.  They trace only one side of the pattern.  Keeping the black paper folded, they *carefully* cut on the lines.  When they're done cutting, the kids will open up the black paper to magically reveal three hearts (or heart-like figures, depending on cutting skills).  And believe me, this is a truly magical moment for the kids!

5. Then, they simply glue a piece of tissue paper to the back of each heart...

and VOILA!

I let them dry and then hang them up for a beautiful look.  The kids think they're just wonderful.

I happen to think they're quite lovely too!


  1. i love this fun little project! my students would love something like this and it is perfect for valentine's day! thanks for sharing!