Making First Grade FANTASTIC

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray!! The 100th Day!!

Today was THE day!  The 100th day of school, that is.  This day was full of anticipation for my kiddos.  We've been counting the days all school year and today we were finally able to put our bundles of 10 straws together to make a bundle of 100.  Big!  Very BIG!

One activity we did was 100th day snack mix.  This is a hit every year.  Every year, I get a different variety of snack donations from parents.  This year, our mix included:
  • white chocolate chips
  • chocolate chips
  • goldfish
  • whale crackers
  • pretzels
  • colored marshmallows
  • fruit loops
  • cinnamon cereal
  • potato sticks
  • animal crackers
Students rotate around to 10 different centers and count out 10 of each item.  I have them use a 100 chart to keep track as they go around.  This helps us keep track of how many items we have and how many we still need.

The kids really enjoyed this activity.  And of course, they thought they were delicious "cooks."

The next think we did was fill in a blank 100 chart.  I love doing this.  I'm able to see the variety of strategies the kids use to get to 100.  It really tells me who is understanding the patterns on the 100 chart.

This child chose to write the numbers in order from 1-100.

This child started with 1-10 and then filled in all the 10s before continuing.  Many children did this.

Some of my students started with the 10s or 1-10, but then continued down the columns, knowing that the second digit remains the same all the way down.  I am one proud teacher once they understand this pattern!
The last thing we did was make portraits of ourselves at 100 years old.  I got this WON.DER.FUL idea from Mrs. Bates.  The kids had a blast and I am in love with their portraits!

Aren't they precious?!  This was such a fun way to end the day.  Hope you're 100th day is as grand as ours was!


  1. haha! their portraits turned out so funny! love them!

  2. The 2nd "old lady" from the left looks like my grandma! I hope to look so good when I am 100!

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