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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Presidents Day

Well, my plan was to share a fun graphing activity and Smartboard file I used today for George Washington's birthday, but for some reason, my files won't upload at home.  I will still share the activity, but I'll try to post the file to go with it tomorrow.

We had ANOTHER snow day yesterday, so we are going to be celebrating Presidents Day through the remainder of the week.  Last week, I introduced Abe Lincoln.  Today, I introduced George Washington.

I was planning to do the following activity on Washington's birthday, February 22, but alas, the snow made other plans.  After reading "A Picture Book of George Washington"
and discussing a basic history of George Washington, I told the kids I brought a birthday treat to celebrate Washington's birthday.  I brought chocolate covered cherries to help the kids remember the legend of Washington chopping down the cherry tree.

Every child tried their chocolate covered cherry and then we made a graph on the Smartboard.  Our graph was titled "Do You Like Chocolate Covered Cherries?".

This is where the pictures are supposed to come in, so just imagine them for the time being.  The Smartboard has a really neat graphing feature that allows you to drag pictures into the graph so you can make an actual pictograph.  The kids really LOVED the special birthday treat and had a ton of fun using the graphing feature on the Smartboard.

I will try to figure out how to post the file for this graph tomorrow along with some other activities we are doing to celebrate Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln.  Stay tuned...

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